The cutting tool from WSS appeared for the first time at the International Machine Tool and Precisio


Vietnam itself accounts for 94% of imports of metal processing equipment and machinery products, while local manufacturers can only meet 6% of the demand. Manufacturing trends makes foreign-invested enterprises in the Vietnamese market maintain an optimistic attitude, and expand their business. Therefore, it is also the purpose of this exhibitionto expand the market share of the Vietnamese market. 

Although there is only one hall, the professionalism of the visitors was very high. At the WSS booth, many local merchants stood and exchanged information in industry. Cutting tools like PCD, CBN, ND are constantly the popular products of WSS and have attracted great interest from the merchants. The sales shared the product brochure at the booth, exchanged the business card to find further cooperation between companies.

WSS will constantly meet the needs of the market in Vietnam, so that we can create and maintain a good reputation with tools with a higher degree of market adjustment, high-quality service to machine manufacturers.